This workshop is designed to help identify, address, and prevent bullying. It provides various levels to assist adults and children. Bullying is an issue that affects everyone, mostly prevalent in schools and today’s workplace. Through role-play and interactive activities participants will learn about bullying prevention and intervention. Bullying is often unidentified and unaddressed, so this workshop will help create more awareness.


This interactive workshop will help increase the understanding of cyber- bullying. The concept of cyberbullying is explored on many levels to address how it impacts children and adults. Strategies for addressing cyber- bullying will be provided with methods to avoid the pitfalls of our digital world. A blend of various methods will be utilized from role playing to creative activities, which provides a fun learning environment.

Conflict Resolution

This workshop takes a fun approach to address an issue faced by children and adults. Conflict is a common experience that many people encounter. The presence of conflict is not the issue; it is the approach to resolving conflict that becomes problematic. Conflict that is resolved incorrectly can have many negative effects. This RAF workshop will provide ways to help identify and resolve conflict. It will also improve the org. culture.


This workshop focuses on what it means to be an UpStander. Participants will learn key skills for creating change in their environments. Taking a unique approach in addressing the role of emotions, communication, and relationship building, participants will learn how to be effective leaders. In today’s world a leader must be equipped with the proper skills to guide and encourage others to excellence.