I have not stopped talking about my time today at Blythe with RAF and crew. What a spectacular program you have developed. The most impressive thing is how the children are reacting and really getting into it. Amazing. Please send them my admiration and give them huge hugs for the wonderful job they are doing. They are really relating to those kids. You are making such a different in these kids lives that will last forever. -Martha Honeycutt, President of North Mecklenburg Woman’s Club 1/20/17

I am most impressed with the message and its delivery. Thank you for this program. I congratulate you on this program and on leading such inspiring instructors. 
-Mr. & Mrs. Wilton Connor, donor 12/2016

I became involved with volunteering to ensure that my daughter’s teachers had support in their classrooms and ultimately to get over my anxiety of sending my children to school where they will meet and interact with different personalities and values.  I have two brilliant daughters, Lauryn in 4th grade and Marley in Kindergarten.  I have always made it a priority to raise them be kind and an overall “good person”, simple. 

Blythe Elementary has done a great job implementing respect for others with their Right Moves pledge the students perform every morning and also immersing the children with special needs in the classrooms to teach tolerance.  With the Respectability Foundation program at Blythe this year I am truly amazed how much my girls have become UpStanders. The Respectability Foundation principles of using music and puppets RAF and Sparkles has been a great way to further our home values in the school, to treat everyone with respect and stand up for what is right, and keep my Kindergartener engaged to teach the message.  The Respectability Foundation took it a step further with also teaching my children the importance of problem solving with conflict resolution.  This is difficult to do in a class setting outside of principled learning and I am very appreciative of what the Respectability Foundation has initiated in my daughters.  As they grow older it becomes more vital for them to think about their actions and consequences of making good choices-kudos Respectability Foundation!

My 4th grader Lauryn has an autistic student in her classroom that all of the students are very helpful with and make sure he is a part of their respective friend and learning groups.  As Lauryn tells me he “does not understand a lot of the time and you have to be patient with how he learns.”  The autistic student was bullied by another student on the playground and my daughter and her friends jumped into action to tell the Bully that it “was not cool to treat him this way because he does not understand what you are saying and you are being plain mean.”  My daughter Lauryn took it a step further with the Respectability Foundation method of writing about her feelings, urged her UpStander friends to do so as well and sent a note to RAF about the situation.  The end result was that her teacher read her note and pulled the Bully aside to address the situation immediately.  Not all heroes wear capes and I was so very proud of Lauryn the UpStander!!

I appreciate what the Respectability Foundation is teaching our Blythe students and wish them so much success with their future programs.  As the Blythe PTA President for the 2016-2017 school year I have received nothing but positive feedback from parents, as the Respectability Foundation has partnered with PTA during several events including our back to school Open House, Autumn Festival, Book Fair Family Night and also provides valuable information to parents regarding anti-bullying and problem solving methods via our monthly email blasts to parent. 

Kudos to the Respectability Foundation for a fantastic program that is reaching one child at a time and my hopes and prayers are that we continue to raise a society of UpStanders to change hate and teach tolerance and productive problem solving to make our community proud! -Zoe Bess, President PTA Blythe Elementary 01/31/17

Alaina wants to start an anti-bullying coalition at her school and went to your website to help get ideas for it. Thank you to Respect Ability Foundation for all your help and encouragement on behalf of her and other kids. -Denise Morales (writing to us on behalf of her daughter Alaina) 01/2017

Loved the get up and move video – really gets kids engaged and focused (or refocused). Great that you incorporated some Spanish in the song. Your energy is A-MAZING! Great tips for talking – this age group needs this info!! -Kelly Baker, teacher at Blythe Elementary School, Huntersville 1/18/17

I wanted to let you know how much my class and I are enjoying the RAF lessons and the effect it has had on our learning environment. At first, I was a little skeptical about yet ¨ANOTHER¨ interruption in our learning day, but I quickly realized the positive effects the lessons are having on not only my students, but myself as well. I was just sharing with the parent of a student of mine, how we are modeling for the students how to problem solve when conflicts occur in and out of our learning environments. Students are learning how to voice their opinions to their peers in a respectful manner, being accountable for how their actions effect themselves and their peers, and learning more about how positive and negative consequences can encourage and discourage one another. We are all learning how be effective, reflective, life-long IB learners who will live and work in the 21st century. Thank you for all you do! -Mrs. Nicole Breckenridge “Children don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”, 5th grade teacher at Blythe Elementary School 2/3/17

"The students were really excited about performing and they were so thrilled to know they were able to make a contribution as it relates to The Foundation for Respect Ability Program. The students definitely gained more insight from your presentation. I believe every school should take part in such a program. A strong impact can be made in our schools as more young people are made aware of what it means to be an 'upstander.' Thank you for sharing your program with our students." - Andrea McKinney, founder and principal of McKinney Academy

“My son took the liberty of sharing your lecture with his older siblings who seemed to really enjoy the conversation.  Thank you so much again for giving the kids a better insight into the world of bullying.  The lesson will stay with them for years to come.” -Angela, a parent who attended the cyberbullying workshop