Steps to Success


Music is a universal language used to connect people with their emotions, promote diversity, stimulate creativity and retain information. Various approaches such as listening, speaking, writing, and movement teach the important lessons of respecting others, resolving conflicts, expressing feelings, and other areas that improve character. The lessons are reinforced through songwriting, singing, and playing instruments.

Creative Arts is a way of expression through activities including music, drama, dance, literature, poetry, drawing, and painting. Freedom of expression offers a space for emotions, intellect, creativity, and diversity. Creative Arts is used to help youth and adults learn in a fun friendly environment, express themselves, problem solve through role-playing, visual arts, and storytelling.

Respect Ability Foundation School Program will help:

          • Decrease bullying
          • Develop an anti-bullying culture
          • Improve productivity
          • Improve culture & safe environment
          • Most importantly build UPstanders & SAVE LIVES