Step OneAfter your school has been through the selection process a meeting with the Principal, Vice Principal and Counselor will be organized to begin to set the stage for the school year. Meeting topics may be centered on school-wide and classroom expectations, reviewing the school’s current character development initiatives, a conversation with the facilitator(s) as well as a site visit for workshop and assembly requirements.

Step Two: Staff and Teacher Professional Development Workshop(s). The workshop is for one partial day at the beginning of the new school year prior to school opening. It is crucial to the level of success of the program that all staff and teachers attend.

Step Three:  School Assemblies(s) on a designated date divided by group of grades. The assemblies should be held right after school opens to introduce the children to the program. The assemblies are highlighted by inspiring music and interaction with students and teachers to energize the program. The Program Coordinator for the Music Program and Performer (Ms. Wendy) will sing age-appropriate songs and introduce the Don’t Laugh at Me song.

Step Four: Teachers introduce and use the lessons from the curriculum as they see fit in their classrooms. We invite originality and use of the lessons to build the climate of respect in each classroom.

Step Five: Ms. Wendy will be coming to the school once a week for the school year to work with the children in their classrooms. The day is the same each week. We suggest that each week she visits all the classrooms from a specific grade level. For example: week one kindergarten, week two, first grade, and so on and so on. The counselor, or designated program coordinator will email us each week to let us know what grade Ms. Wendy will be working with and the times and teachers names. Ms. Wendy will be working with the kids reviewing and relaying the messages in the program and helping the children to express ideas and their feelings through music and creative arts. Teachers should be present with their class and participate but do not need to prepare for Ms. Wendy’s sessions.

Step Six: Various opportunities exist to use program elements such as the music for school events such as Character Tea’s, Parents Night’s etc. We also encourage an end-of-year Parent Night showcasing the children and the songs they have written. The music teacher and art teacher are needed to assist with this program. We also conduct a year end assembly to showcase the children’s work.

Cyberbullying and conflict resolution workshops are available during the school year for students, teachers and parents.

Step Seven: The following school year we invite your new teachers to come to the teacher and staff training at a newly selected school. This is a great orientation for your new teachers, creates program continuity and promotes a connection among our schools.