Creating A Community of Upstanders!

The Foundation for Respect Ability seeks to convert "bystanders" into "upstanders." We want to empower people to address bullying in all forms. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for communication and to develop programs and strategies for helping parents, students, and educators as they deal with these issues.

Our message is delivered through song, audience participation and discussion. We hope that through music we can inspire change and create a more respectful, safe and compassionate climate for learning. Through music, we teach about values, tolerance, and understanding. Through interaction we hope to reduce the emotional and physical cruelty some children and adults inflict upon each other.

By bringing diverse groups of people together in schools, clubs, religious institutions and other organizations, we hope to be a catalyst for change, encouraging people to take an active role as "upstanders," speaking up when acts of cruelty occur in their presence.

YouTube video-10-minute documentary on the
Foundation for Respect Ability's program and work in the schools